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Here are some of the most common things our clients want to know.

Your Questions Answered

  • How far in advance should I place my order?

    One to two weeks in advance is ideal. We can work with 2 days notice, however, our schedule sometimes becomes full. We will do our best to accommodate last minute orders. Once your order is placed you can rest assured your service will not be compromised because of overbooking.

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  • **COVID MODIFIED** What is PCC’s cancellation policy?

    Can I cancel an order?

    We are currently operating with limited staffing and ordering perishables and supplies on an as-needed basis. Our standard cancellation policy has been modified until normal operations resume.

    Orders must be cancelled during normal business hours – Monday thru Friday 7am to 5pm. Cancellations after hours must be sent via email and will be received, accepted and confirmed at start of business hours. Orders canceled within 48 hours of the delivery time will be charged a 30% cancellation fee. Orders cancelled within 12 hours of the delivery time will be charged a 60% cancellation fee. Orders cancelled within 6 hours of the delivery time will be charged in full. Special orders, not on our regular menu, will require 5 days’ notice for cancellation without fee. Weekend orders must be cancelled before 12:00 noon on Thursday or be charged in full.

    What about rain & snow?

    Our standard cancellation policy applies. We will prepare and deliver your order regardless of weather conditions. We will do our best to notify customers of impending weather situations, so that they may make a decision to cancel before any cancellation fees will apply, however this is not always possible. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor weather situations and ultimately decide to cancel or accept the risk of possible cancellation fees. Please plan ahead.

    How do I cancel an order?

    Orders more than 2 business days ahead may be cancelled anytime by calling or emailing us. Within 48 hours of your delivery time, cancellations must be made by phone during business hours (7am to 5pm). We will subsequently confirm your cancellation via email. Monday orders must be cancelled by noon on the previous Friday.

    What about large events?

    Large events must be cancelled at least 7 business days in advance. Events cancelled within 7 business days will be charged a 30% cancellation fee. Events cancelled within 3 business days will be charged in full. Please see your event quote for specific cancellation details.

    Why are you charging me for cancelling?

    In making a cancellation policy, we have tried to be as fair as possible. While most of the industry charges in full within 24 hours, we have created a policy that tries to minimize your loss in a situation that may be out of your control. When you place the order with us, we will do our best do deliver your order complete and on time.

    24 hours before your delivery, work is started on your order. Significant time is spent planning food and service logistics. We count and pack all disposable items, composed salads are made and portioned, fresh foods are prepped, meats & cheeses are sliced, rolls are ordered and paid for, and drinks are counted, wrapped and refrigerated. At this point we have a 30% cancellation fee. This covers most of the expense we incur – we are able to use some food items to make other orders, but in many cases it can end up as waste. We do not make a profit.

    The day of your order, we generally begin work on your order 8 hours prior to delivery time. At this point, we have a 60% cancellation fee. Most of your food is in production and will most likely become a total loss for us. The 60% fee covers some of this loss – we do not make a profit.

    We generally have your order fully complete 4 hours prior to delivery time. This gives us the time to check and double check the order, adjust for any mistakes, load our trucks and deliver orders cancelled within 4 hours of delivery are charged in full because the order is fully complete. There is very little we can recoup at this point and it becomes almost a total loss.

    We are happy to deliver your food at another time and location within the limits of food safety. We can also donate your food to a homeless shelter in your name, when possible.

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  • Do you have a minimum order?

    Our menu pricing is based upon a minimum of 10 people for cold orders, and 15 people on hot orders (except where otherwise noted). Pricing below our minimum order will be higher, and delivery charges will apply.

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  • What are your hours of operation?

    Philadelphia Catering Company will deliver orders Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. We occasionally cater large events on nights and weekends.

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  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Delivery is free in Center City and University City for orders of $100 or more. In circumstances where adequate parking or loading areas are not available a delivery charge or pick up charge may be added.

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  • Does Philadelphia Catering Company provide plates, napkins, & utensils?

    All orders include delivery, set up, and everything needed except the hungry guests.

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  • Can Philadelphia Catering Company provide full service for a formal event?

    We can transform any room into an elegant festive display with towering flower arrangements, colorful linens and unique buffet table layouts. We can also provide china, servers, tables and chairs if needed.

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They offer a varied menu, and they’re gracious about catering to special dietary requests, i.e., gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. I’d highly recommend Philadelphia Catering for your next event—fancy, casual, or backyard party—I think they can do it all.
Andrea via Instagram
I use Philadelphia Catering often and have not been let down once. Everything from the taste, service and pricing is 5 stars. Thank you team!
Dina via Google
Philadelphia Catering is my go-to caterer for my organization’s events. They are extremely easy to work with and create personalized events that take all of our needs into consideration—budget, dietary restrictions, décor, you name it.
Jason via Google